WARNING! You have received a Type 403 Error, "Access Forbidden".

You have gained unauthorized access to DIPCorp's corporate database. Fortunately for us, our corporate database has never actually been functional, so the chances of you getting anything useful from here is pretty slim. It's not possible for you to do any more damage to our corporate database than has already been done to it by DIPCorp programmers and administrators.

Nevertheless, breaking into our systems is theoretically illegal, so we are dispatching a team of our elite DIPCorp security troops to your present location. Unfortunately, our security teams are dispatched through our corporate database, which of course isn't working, so the chances of our elite security team actually finding you is also pretty slim.

If you should happen to see a team of our elite DIPCorp security personnel wandering around, please send them back to us. They are equipped with cell phones and radios, but of course their contact information is stored in our corporate database.

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