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About the Irvania Blog

February 24, 2007

Welcome to the Irvania Blog.

I’ve taken a different approach here than on the typical blog.

I’ve had a web site in one form or another since the summer of 1995. When I added the blog section to the overall Irvania.com web site back in February 2007 I had planned on tying the blog into my novel writing project. I’d thought briefly of having each blog entry written by a different character from the book. Things soon took a very different direction than I’d planned, as often happens with my creative projects.

Rather than the more traditional blog format of a “web log” of my thoughts and daily/weekly activities, this blog has evolved into a series of articles based on my thoughts on the deeper subjects of life (*koff koff*). The entries tend to be longer than most other bloggers’ pieces and I no longer try to update daily or even weekly.

Non-spam comments are encouraged!

Enjoy the web site, and above all: Eat at Joe’s.

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February 2007 articles
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