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This is the first post on this blog. What’s it to you, pal?

February 24, 2007

Look, this wasn’t my idea. If it were all up to me, we’d get rid of all this high-tech computer garbage and everybody would go back to using MS-DOS 2.11.


Somebody using the enigmatic username "I get to make the first blog comment" left this comment:

Hey Dave! Glad to see you’re still kicking. I’m still a Shipbase III user. It must be the longest-surviving non government DOS-based software still in use. How is the writing going? It’s a tough way to make a living.

Mike F., who goes by the username Cke1st, posted this comment:

I’d agree with you if you’d said DOS 3.2; I got used to some of the extra features you could use in .BAT files.

If you’re clever, you’ll use occasional blog postings as a substitute for not updating the site as a whole.

My friends and I are still playing RCR, using our own races and ship designs.

I replied:

Hi guys, glad to hear there are still some SB3 and RCR players out there. We still use a lot of DOS-based testing software at my “real” job, but I think you’re right, there aren’t many non-industrial, non-government DOS programs still being sold out there. Last I looked SB3 was still being sold, although I heard the sticker price went up.

The writing is going well, but it’s tough getting back into it after slacking off for the past year. I’m happy with the progress though.

Truthfully, I still have some old pre-Win95 PC’s in the house. Most run MS-DOS 6.22, except for the ancient Tandy 286 that doesn’t seem to want to run anything newer than DOS 5.0.

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