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What to name your kids

March 2, 2007

This coming May my wife and I will have been married a year and weíre thinking of having kids. The subject of what to name the children has come up. A lot of our friends and relations have been giving their offspring biblical names, you know, the names of characters that show up in the Bible. It seems to be a trend growing in popularity these days.

Sure, thereís lots of Jacobs and Sarahs and Timothies around these days, but there are a lot more names in the Bible that you donít see used much anymore. Why not name a kid Pontius Pilate, I asked? I bet there wonít be many other kids in school with that name. Come to think of it, itís been a long time since Iíve seen a kid named Judas Iscariot, or Nebuchadnezzar. Whatís wrong with Jezebel? Thatís a pretty sounding name, I think.

How about Pharoah? Everybody knows that name, but you just donít see any kids these days named Pharoah.

The only other idea I had for a kidís name was Ghengis. Unless itís a boy.

Any other suggestions out there?

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