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Music in the house

June 10, 2008

We were chatting with friends the other week and the subject of the latest storm-ravaged portion of the world came up. Monsoon damage in Kansas or something like that, I donít remember exactly. Hanna replied that she hadnít heard anything about it and I explained that we donít watch the news anymore, so weíre almost completely out of touch with current events.

ďWhat do you guys do at home?Ē one of our friends asked.

ďWe listen to music a lot,Ē I said. We usually have some form of music playing, either satellite radio or CDs. Every corner of our house has either a TV wired up to the satellite system or a music player of some sort. I even have a 26-year-old cassette player on my workbench for listening to tunes in the garage.

The more I thought about it, the more I felt enriched that Hanna and I have so much music in our lives. I remembered vague mutterings from people in the 1980ís who complained too many people had their TVs or stereos on all the time, as if they were trying to drown out the silence, as if they were afraid of the silence.

I donít think thatís the case with Hanna and me. We sit outside for hours, listening to the birds and the squirrels and the sounds of the creek across the road. Even in the house weíll have hours of silence, then Hanna will put on her favorite easy listening station or Iíll put some classical music in the CD player.

I donít know if I can explain just how, or how much, the music enhances our lives. If you donít like music, you wouldnít understand anyway, and if you do like music you already know what Iím talking about.

Tell you what: load up Pat Methenyís album Secret Story and go to the twelfth track, The Truth Will Always Be. (Look around on YouTube to find some samples of Pat Metheny's music.)

If that doesnít knock your socks off, Iíll just say that Hanna and I really like music, and leave it at that.

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