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Better living through spreadsheets

August 14, 2008

I was going to write a piece about all the lists I keep, and how much of my life is documented on one Excel spreadsheet or another, but Iím just not feeling it. Truthfully, I havenít been in a blogging mood lately.

Oh, rest assured that the creative juices are flowing. Iíve been doing a lot of work on a new novel idea (a workplace comedy code-named Long Run) and on the second novel of the Generic Legions series and tinkering with several game designs, one of which Iíll be presenting at a big convention in Gettysburg this November. And rest assured that Iíve had lots of ideas for blog entries and have witnessed a good number of blog-worthy moments lately. Itís just that I havenít felt like blogging.

The problem, blog-entry-or-lack-thereof-wise, is that life has been too good for me lately. My wife Hanna and our four dogs and I live in a nice little place in the middle of the woods, with hardly any neighbors within mortar range. We donít have a lot, but we have each other. We have a lot of great books and a lot of great music CDís and a hammock and enough bad movies (between a complete collection of MST3K episodes and those 50 Movie Pack sci fi DVD collections) to keep us busy for a long long time. I have a job that makes my feet hurt, but itís a job, and these days thatís important.

Weíve been enjoying life. Thatís all. Weíve been watching the hummingbirds and listening to the thrushes and sitting under the canopy in the rain and nibbling on the wild raspberries that grow in the woods and smelling all those plants I canít remember the names of.

Typing in a blog entry just doesnít seem very important when we have all that living to do. Sorry.


Jonathan left this comment:

Sounds like a reasonable reason not to blog, indeed.

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