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November 21, 2008

I just realized I hadnít posted a new blog entry in nearly three months. Oopsie!

Things around here have been busier than usual. Hanna hurt her foot a few months ago and is just now starting to be able to move around better. Our senior dog, Polly, has been sick with some sort of immuno-nonfunctional disease and pneumonia, which involved two long stays at the doggie intensive care unit and an astonishing amount of medication. Our other two dachshunds, Pook and Brandle, also had doggie medical emergencies. (Doggie pictures here.)

Add in trouble with both cars, trading in one car to get a new/used car and the van sitting motionless in the driveway since the spring, and weíve had our hands full for the past bunch of months.

Everybodyís doing better now, thankfully. Hopefully Iíll get around to writing a blog entry soon.

So, I heard there was some sort of election or something going on. Did I miss it?

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