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A not particularly modest proposal

April 6, 2009

Okay, so Iím old. I get it.

This time next year Iíll be 50 years old. Over the hill. Past my prime. Kaput. Past my ďbest byĒ date. Done for. I have no problem with that.

The problem is this: I donít remember getting old. It doesnít seem that long ago that we were in the midst of the 80s ó ďmyĒ generation, ďmyĒ decade. Thatís when I was young. That was 20 to 29 years ago. Ouch.

Letís review. Did I do all the years and decades I was supposed to do, or did I somehow skip some?

Childhood? Check, Iím pretty sure I did that. Awkward teenage years? Check, I have vague memories of that too. I think the end of that period is when I joined the Air Force.

Twenties? Check. Went to college, did lots of gaming. Donít remember the college part much but I remember the gaming.

Thirties? Check. Did that. Forties? Yup, got that going right now. Nope, no years missing.

So where did the time go?

Your twenties are spent growing up, learning how to be on your own, learning how to be an adult, and learning how to survive. Your thirties are spent figuring out your career. By the time you hit 40 youíre old, over the hill, and society no longer has any use for you.

Hereís my suggestion. I think we need another decade in there, right between your thirties and forties, just for enjoying life once youíve figured it out and before itís all over.

I know I need at least one more decade to waste playing computer games.


My sister Susan sent this comment on this article the following February:

Hi, Dave. Iím reading this on your 50th birthday. Wow, where does the time go? And I agree, we need an extra decade between 40 and 50, to live life after weíve found out who we are and what we want out of life, before weíre too old to enjoy it. Hang in there, little brother, you still have lots of miles ahead of you! When are you going to get that motorcycle you always wanted? Donít waste anymore time! As for me, I love my life right now, helping raise the grandkids, spending time with the love of my life, and visiting with family that loves me. Happy birthday, Dave - and donít worry about being 50; itís just a number. Youíre only as old as you let yourself be. Love always

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