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You say 'update', I say 'potato'

August 30, 2009

I know, I know, itís been so long since my last update that some of you have been sending me ďHey DaveÖ are you still alive?Ē e-mails. Iím still here, Iíve just been busy with ďreal lifeĒ stuff, meaning all the stuff I donít normally cover on this web site.

Overall the news is good: I got a promotion at work finally (aced four out of five tests, and only missed one question on the other test ó woohoo!) and aside from another brush with kidney stones (ouch!), my health has been good and Hanna is doing fantastic as always. The dogs are fine too, although Polly had another rush to the doggy emergency vet hospital. (That was her third visit to said hospital in the past 12 months. Reminder to self: keep all chocolate on the top shelf in the kitchen, preferably sealed, locked away, behind barbed wire, and protected by armed guards.)

I have been busy with the sort of thing I do post about here on Irvania.com though, I just havenít had time to update the web site lately. Three big projects specifically:

1. A new, fast-play, easy, fun-centric, old-school (those terms may be considered contradictory by some) wargame ruleset for 6mm WWII miniatures, entitled Panzers in Peril. Iíve got most of the game mechanics hammered out and about half the research done for the unit data charts, but this project has been pretty much sidelined for the moment since the following two projects have much higher priority.

2. Rewriting my book. I havenít had any luck so far acquiring an agent, due I think in part to changes in the publishing industry making it even tougher for new writers to get a foot in the door. Itís particularly tough for a new writer to break into the ďgeneral litĒ category. As a result, Iím doing a major overhaul and rewrite of the whole thing, keeping the major characters, story elements, and timelines, but revamping the narrative and changing focus so it fits more easily into the ďsci fi comedyĒ genre. Iíll be chopping an awful lot of material, but nearly all of the chopped bits will be useful for later novels.

3. Another creative project, based on the They Who Are Having a Bad Day characters and timelines. This is still in the early planning/plotting/testing/pondering stages, meaning we donít know if any of it will work or not yet, so I canít say too much about the project until later. Yes, it does involve Jake.

In the meantime, there are a couple of new ways to keep in touch with me, which I will explain in my next post.


Someone named Otis Sidle left the following comment attached to this article:

Kudos from one brainiac to another. :)

I can't remember ever meeting anyone named Otis Sidle. I still haven't figured out if this comment was from a real person who is a long-time Irvania.com reader, or automatically-generated spam from a spambot, but it is the sort of thing some of my old buddies would say, so who knows?
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