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Dave finally enters the 20th century

August 31, 2009

As mentioned in my last post, there are a couple of ways you can keep track of me on a more timely basis, ways that Iíve been a bit better at keeping up-to-date.

I mentioned here a number of months ago that Iím now on Twitter (click here to follow my Twitter ID, MonstrousJake) although, like many in my age group, Iím not sure I understand the point of Twitter.

Iím not sure why I need to post updates on my every move ("Made pancakes for supper. Yay!"). It would make more sense later on, after Iíve launched my plot to conquer the world and need to keep my minions informed ("We will take over Slovakia today. Yay!") or, better yet, after Iíve got my first book published and need to keep my fans informed ("Have a book signing in Slovakia today. Yay!") Ideally, it would be handy after Iíve got my first book published and have conquered the world and have to send orders to my minions ("Make pancakes for supper! Yay!")

The second way to keep in touch with me, and the one Iím more likely to see and respond to more quickly, is on Facebook (click here for my Facebook ID).

Facebook, as an overall concept, makes more sense to me and my way of communication than does Twitter, so I check Facebook more frequently than I check Twitter.

For reasons beyond my understanding, a bunch of old friends have found me, or Iíve found them, on Facebook, more frequently than on any other Internet venue. Iíve had my own web site for 14 years now and have always been easy to find using Google or any of the other web search engines, but for some reason, Facebook seems to work better for this.

I still donít have a cell phone though.

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