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Advertising on Irvania.com

December 13, 2010

Iíve been getting a few e-mails recently from people asking if Iím interested in selling advertising space on Irvania.com.

Those of you who are long-time readers of this web site have probably noticed that there isnít any advertising at all here. Really long-time readers may remember that there hasnít been any advertising on this web site since it started in the summer of 1995.

Iím not one of those old-school purist die-hards who believe there shouldnít be any advertising on the Internet. Iím realistic enough to understand that anything as awesome and complicated as the Internet needs to be paid for somehow, and that somebody somewhere has to pick up the tab. Iím fine with that. I just donít want other peoplesí ads on my web site.

Donít know if Iíve mentioned it here or not, but I pay for this web site out of my own pocket. It costs me about $19 US a month for the web service, which includes the ďrentalĒ of the web server Irvania.com sits on, support services, an e-mail server, and all the backbone stuff that Iíd prefer not to have to think about. Aside from this blog section and the Discussion Forum section, I write all the software for all the pages on Irvania.com myself.

Why donít I want advertising on Irvania.com? Itís not because I donít like advertising. Itís partly because I donít want to open the floodgates up to advertising that I donít want associated with my work. Fírinstance, yíall might know that I donít drink alcohol, so I donít want any alcohol-related ads on Irvania.com. Along the same lines, I try to maintain a ďfamily-friendlyĒ, PG- or G-rated environment in my writing and on this site, so I donít want any, er, ďadult themedĒ ads. I also donít want any political material, from anywhere on the political spectrum, even if the material happens to line up with what I believe personally. Political material, of any nature, tends to be popular with half your audience and repulsive to the other half, so I just avoid it here altogether.

The other part of why I donít want advertising is because I donít want people to start demanding that I have some sort of responsibility to the advertisers to change what Iím doing. Iíve seen it on several other web sites: some forum poster claims the web master is ďcheatingĒ the advertisers by not updating the web siteís look and feel, or updating the material often enough, or whatever else about the web site irritates the complainer.

On the other hand, I wouldnít mind a small amount of advertising, if it were limited to the sorts of things that I wouldnít mind being associated with my work. Music, plastic model kits, wargame products, third-world dictatorships, that sort of thing.

Wait, did I say third-world dictatorships out loud? Forget I said that. I in no way support the oppressive dictatorship in Irvania. All hail the King of Irvania.

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