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Shipbase III was published 18 years ago this summer!

May 1, 2011

Long-time readers of Irvania.com may have noticed that I haven't posted much in the way of game-related content in the last couple of years. It isn't that I haven't been working on game stuff; I just haven't gotten anything finished enough to post about it here on the web site.

Being the introspective sort of dude that I am, a couple of years ago I came to the realization that nearly all of my wargaming these days is solo. I play Battlefield 1942 and Delta Force and a few other computer games with my wife over our home network, and we play "family"-type board games fairly regularly, but when it comes to miniature wargaming, I'm pretty much on my own.

When I first moved to this area I showed up once in a while at the nearest wargame club. It was a long drive though, over an hour each way, and their gaming schedule didn't line up with my work schedule very well. More importantly, I'm not really interested in the sorts of games they're playing, and they're not really interested in the sorts of games I'm designing and playing. I keep in touch with them once in a while but haven't made the journey to game there in a couple of years.

So anyway, that acknowledgement that nearly all my gaming is done solo caused me to take a long hard look at the game designs I had been working on. Several aren't really suitable for solo gaming, and I can't very well do a decent job of playtesting something like that in a solo environment. What's more, some of the game designs I had in the pipeline were the result of requests from gamers I haven't seen in many years, and game groups that are long gone.

A few of these projects I've mentioned, even announced, here on Irvania.com; others I hadn't officially mentioned yet. I went through my project list and thought about the real reasons I was working on each design, and why I hadn't finished each project.

One of the naval games I've got cooking, Shove Off Gridley, was really intended for the game group I used to attend a couple of game groups ago. Another one, Guns Up Lads, was for the game group before that. Rostislov Rally was for the group before that. One of the tank games, Panzers In Peril, was designed with my old game group from the early 1980's in mind.

One of the Tankbase variants was intended for running on my ancient TRS-80 laptop computer, which finally died a couple of years ago, but was really great because it would run for 16 or 18 hours on a couple of AA batteries. Great for power outages.

So anyway ^ 2, after sifting through all the game design projects that no longer made any sense, I came up with one big project from a number of years ago that I should have finished but for some reason never completed, that would be ideal for solo gaming, and that still holds my interest.

That project? D-CATR Naval, the Windows updated version of Shipbase III. How much time and effort would it take to scrape together the pieces of that project I hadn't touched in over 10 years, add a few new features, and whomple it into something worth playing? More on that next time.

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