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Welcome back to the Irvania Blog

March 20, 2013

Welcome back!

As you've probably noticed, it's been nearly two years since my last blog entry. It's been a busy couple of years. I've recently completed a number of projects, several big ones that are outside the usual scope of this web site, and some smaller projects that will soon be gracing Irvania.com in the form of new photo galleries.

The revamp/reorganize phase of the big web site re-do project is now complete. I've tidied up the file structure, which had been slapped together a little at a time since the I first created the web site in 1995 and was getting harder and harder to maintain. You as a viewer probably won't notice any difference there, but it does make it easier for me to add new stuff to the site and maintain the stuff that's already there.

The big implication there is that nearly all the files, something like 980 files total in the entire Irvania.com domain prior to the clean-up, have been moved to a new location. If you've got any bookmarks to anything that's not the main page itself ( http://www.irvania.com/index.htm ) there's a near-certain chance you'll need to update it. Similarly, if you've got a web site with links to anything here on Irvania.com aside from the main page, those links are probably now in desperate need of updating.

As I'm sure you've already noticed, the overall look and feel of the web site has changed. The old format of white Arial font text on a shaded dark blue background is gone, replaced with plain black Times New Roman font text on a plain white background. This is supposed to be easier to read and easier on the eyes, and since a great deal of the content on the web site is text, I figured that might be a good thing.

The main menu system is also much simpler, with fewer categories and fewer buttons. This is to make it easier to read and use the web site on a smart phone, which I understand is a popular sort of thing to do these days. The new format looks pretty good on my phone (a Samsung something-or-other) but I have not seen it from an iPhone or Android or any of those other mobile thingies. If you have trouble reading the new format on your mobile or cell or other device, please let me know.

This phase of the operation only involved cleaning up and reorganizing the existing content across the web site. The next phase of the project is to start adding the new content that's been piling up over the past two years.

The first new content I'll be adding will be the new "Vote for Dave" section, which marks the second or third official announcement of my bid for president of this great land of ours. Remember, a vote for Dave is a vote for liberty and stuff.

Enjoy the new web site layout!

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