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Politics? We don't need no stinking politics!

May 19, 2013

[This blog entry is an extended director's cut from a message posted earlier today on the IrvaniaList.]

By now you've probably seen the new section of Irvania.com set up for my (cough cough hack wheeze) campaign for the presidency of this great land of ours.

After much consideration of the pros and cons and ramifications thereof, I've decided to open up Irvania.com to political discussion. I've had a no-politics rule on the web site and associated functions since I started it in 1995, for various reasons.

For the most part, my reasons for wanting to keep politics off Irvania.com revolved around the fact that politics and political discussions are so polarizing. Pretty much the entire time I've had a web site, our society has been divided into two, roughly equal-sized groups, each of which pretty much hate the other. During that time, and long before for that matter, it's been hard to say much of anything related to politics that wouldn't alienate and anger one half of the audience or the other.

It's not that I don't have strong feelings on these matters. I certainly do, as anyone who follows me on Facebook probably already knows. It's that I've wanted to keep the tone and spirit of Irvania.com above that sort of thing, to provide content that appeals to and is interesting to people from all corners of the political spectrum.

However, now that I've announced my run for the Executive Office, I can't see the point of running my campaign from the web site while not allowing political discussion on the web site.

I hope, and I know this is a big hope, that people will take this whole adventure in the spirit in which it was intended.

With this in mind, I've opened up the IrvaniaList for political discussion. Let's try to keep it in the spirit of my presidential campaign, though. There are plenty of other web sites already dedicated to "real" politics. That's what Facebook is for!

So regardless of where you're at on the political spectrum, whether you're a supporter of our new zombie overlords or you're loyal to the King, I hope you'll join me in spirited but respectful discussion in the future.

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