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Model Photo Gallery
Part 3: Wargaming Miniatures: 'Sters, 'Saurs, and Slargeball

Nearly all these miniatures have been used in a game at one point or other, even though a closer examination reveals that some are not quite finished.

For those of you who are new to Irvania.com, Generic Legions began in the late 1980's and early 1990's as a series of games. These games in turn started out as slight modifications of a combination of Superior's MAATAC, Metagaming's Ogre and Helltank series, Games Workshop's Space Marine/Adeptus Titanicus series, FASA's Battletech series, and who knows what else. Eventually we wanted a single game system that covered all this stuff. Meanwhile, we needed a science fiction game system as a possible commercial product for ArmourSoft Inc.. The end result was Generic Legions.

We ran a lot of Generic Legion demo games at conventions in the early-to-mid 1990's, but otherwise the game system never made much progress. It continued to morph however, and by 1999 formed the core ideas behind my new novel writing project. I finished writing the first novel, They Who Are Having a Bad Day, in 2007 and am still looking for an agent and publisher. The novel took a very different turn from the game series, but fans of the books (assuming the books do get published some day) will find these photos interesting and informative.

'Sters are the large, robot-like fighting machines in the Generic Legions universe. I used whatever large funny-looking figures I came across as 'Sters and wrote them into the game. In the photo above, the 'Ster on the left is an Irvanian "Claudius" class reconnaissance 'Ster. On the right is a "Nimble Broccoli" class 'Ster named Bert. Miniatures by FASA and Games Workshop respectively. Note that I still haven't gotten around to mounting the necktie on the Claudius.

Two more "Nimble Broccoli" class 'Sters, named Phil and Bob, flanking a "Knee Smacker". The Nimble Broccolis saw a lot of combat in the convention games throughout the 1990's. The Knee Smackers have made a couple of appearances.

In the early 1990's Ral Partha experimented with making their Battletech miniatures out of some sort of a resin-like plastic. At one of the game conventions they had a bin of their experimental pieces for sale dirt cheap, so I picked out enough pieces to make eight of these things. The only down side was that there were no bases, and the "feet" of these miniatures were molded onto the bases, so I had to improvise. I found a bunch of small wheels (from the bottoms of AHM 1/87 scale tanks, long since used as target practice), glued 'em onto metal shafts, made some bases from sheet plastic, and glued the wheel assemblies to the feet. To this day I still haven't finished painting the miniatures, fixing up the bases, or adding the neckties.

An assortment of Squishies. These have seen a lot of game time. In the back is a Daddy Long 'Ster, sporting a very stylish purple and yellow necktie. In front on the left is a Caterpillar of Doom, in the center is a Missile Launching Slug, and on the right is an Escarg-O-Death. All four miniatures by Games Workshop, necktie courtesy of the author. The Squishies all have a subtle three-toned airbrush paint job. It all looks green in this photo. Sigh.

An older photo of Roger the dinosaur, Phil the Irvanian 'Ster, and Fred the Dirty Rotten Stinking Earthie 'Ster. Roger was mentioned in the original Irvania documents and appeared in a number of our convention games in the 1990's, but doesn't appear at all in the novels. His character has been pretty much replaced by Jake, although this was not intentional.

A closeup of Irv, an Irvanian 'Ster painted by John Casazza for a big Generic Legions campaign game we played in 2002. The original miniature was a Games Workshop Ork Gargant, but John made extensive modifications. This is, to the best of my knowledge, the only Shriner 'Ster.

I'm not sure exactly what I had in mind when I built these. They have showed up in a few games, but probably not in the way I originally intended. On the left: the Airfix Corythosaurus, which I built in 1984. In the middle, the Airfix Tyrannosaurus Rex I built in 1979 (notice the thick layer of dust on top of his head) for use in a diorama (never finished) of the Irvanian airfield. On the right: the Northern Lights kit, repop of the old and rare Aurora kit from the 1960's, of the Lost in Space Robot, built in 2001. Many people have asked why I didn't make his necktie with an upward curl at the bottom. I... I just don't know.

A photo from an actual game of Slargeball. Sadly, these figures are among the best I've ever painted. There are many more game photos on the Slargeball rules page. These are all modified Airfix and Tamiya figures, in 1/32 and 1/35 scale, of Desert Rats and Afrika Korps infantry dudes.

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