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BAGS: The Bloomsburg Area Gaming Society
Bloomsburg Pennsylvania, 1985 to 1994

BAGS formed in the summer of 1985 when Raymond Clark, Bob Ross, John Garcia, and me decided to get together weekly to play D&D, Traveller, and other role-playing games. John brought a number of old gaming friends he'd had since high school: Bill Greenly, Mike Reibsome, and Mark Edwards, and together we formed the core of a game group that would meet regularly through 1994. Unfortunately I don't have any photos of Bill, Mike, or Mark; the photos below were all taken during the group's later years.

BAGS usually met in the plush conference rooms in the Kehr Student Union building on the campus of Bloomsburg University. We started out meeting weekly (Saturday nights) and at some point grew to twice weekly (wargames on Wednesday nights, role-playing games on Saturday nights). Most of the gamers were college students at the time, although there were a few high school students, alumni, and people who just sort of wandered in. BAGS met under the auspices of the BU Chess Club, which was sponsored by Bob "Doc" Ross.

Other BAGS photo galleries here on Irvania.com:

BAGS was largely a college group, so there was a constant turnover of people. This is a fairly representative picture of the group at any given time. From left to right: Bill Fisher, Bob "Doc" Ross, Brett Robbins, Angie Capozello, Dave Ferris (me), John "Zed" Zeager, Bill Barnes, Raymond Clark, and Jim whose last name none of us can remember.
This is pretty much the group that playtested Shipbase III.
I honestly don't remember why I'm holding a Paula Abdul notebook binder. It had some significance to the game we were playing, but that significance is lost in the mists of time.

This is from a playtest session for one of my computer-assist naval games, don't know which one. Front row, from left to right: Steve Printz, Bill Fisher sitting at the keyboard. Back row: Brett Robbins, Jim Coyle (I think?), me, Aaron Sica, and Jim whose last name we still can't remember.

Bill Barnes and his trademark "I'm up to something" smirk. Raymond Clark on his left, John Zeager on the right.

This looks like it's from a role-playing game, probably my Citadel of Phil campaign using Metagaming's In the Labyrinth/The Fantasy Trip FRPG system from the 1970's and early 1980's. From left to right: Angie Capozello,Brett Robbins, Rich Mabie, and me standing up making a fool of myself.

"Doc" Ross keeping us all in line.

Think no evil, smoke no evil, be no evil.

Clowns, three each.

"No, you may not attack the dragon with the Wand of Hamster Whacking."

Jim worships the tray of miniatures, as required by the Ancient Laws.

"Touch that miniature and you die, white boy."

Raymond makes his move.

Me pontificating about something or other.

I had more hair back then.

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