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The Friday Night Irregulars
West Caldwell, New Jersey, 1999 to 2003

When I moved to New Jersey in 1995 I joined a game group called the HOGS, or Hopatcong Organized Gaming Society. It was a fun group but it started to dissolve a few years later when several of the key members retired and moved away, got divorced and moved away, got out of gaming, or just moved away. Bob Johnson and I started looking for another game group and found one a little farther away from my home, but they were really into naval miniatures, which the other HOGS were never big on.

This new group I'd found was actually an old group: they'd been gaming together in West Caldwell since the 1970's. The crew met in Dick Wilkens' basement every Friday night: Terry Manton, John Casazza, John Nidowicz, Nick York, Nick's son Stephen, Vince Luccese, and Paul Schilling. Sean Selley joined shortly after Bob Johnson and I started attending regularly.

I kept hosting HOGS games at my house for a few months until interest waned in the few surviving members, and the Friday night crew became my regular gaming group until I moved back to Pennsylvania in March 2003.

I'm not sure the group had an official name. When I asked, Nick York told me they called themselves the Friday Night Irregulars, and since I can't think of anything else to call the group, that's the name I'm sticking with for these photo gallery tributes.

Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of Nick or Stephen York, John Nidowicz, or Sean Selley. Terry passed away in 2002 and Dick has had health issues, but I think the guys are still meeting regularly.

A selection of Terry Manton's naval and science fiction artwork can be seen here.

Other photos featuring the Friday Night Irregulars on Irvania.com:

Several of the Irregulars at a Generic Legions game held at a picnic in my backyard in August 1999. Paul Schilling is standing on the left. Terry Manton is seated in the center of the photo, wearing the blue and white striped shirt. Dick Wilkens watches from the back, wearing the white and blue hat. That's the top of Vince Luccese's head in the lower left corner.

Vince Luccese takes matters into his own hands.

John Casazza and me at our flea market table, Historicon, Lancaster PA, July 2002.

Bob Johnson, at a HOGS game of DBR in 1999.

John Casazza modified and painted this 'Ster for Death Before Distemper, a campaign game set in the Generic Legions universe we played in 2002. We played a lot of "serious" historical naval miniatures games, and we also played some games that featured miniatures like this one.

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