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PaWM: The Pennsylvania Wargamers' Militia
Scranton, Pennsylvania

When I moved back to Pennsylvania in 2003 I started to look for a game group in the area. A network search led me to PaWM, a group that meets about an hour east of me in the Scranton and Wilkes-Barre area. I haven't been able to attend any games in recent years due to my work schedule, but the guys are still very active.

Other than the two photo galleries listed below, I don't have any pictures of PaWM in action.

PaWM photo galleries here on Irvania.com:

"Got range?"
PaWM playing naval miniatures. Closest to camera: Darrell on the left, Jon Paul on the right. Back row, left to right: Roger, Jim, and John the OFM.

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