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American Civil War (ACW) Ship Miniatures

These ship models are a mix of Houston's Ships, NavWar, and Langton Miniatures. The Langton and NavWar models are pretty true to 1:1200 scale, but the scale of the Houston's models varies from ship to ship and averages around 1:1062 for the models I have in my collection.

A wharf and shore gun emplacements from TCS.

Sinking hulk markers, also made by TCS. Gotta love 'em!

"Awww, lookit da cute widdle boats! Hey, what's that thing on the long pole sticking out front?"

Union monitors Miantonomoh, Passaic, and the original Monitor. The Passaic is from Houston's Ships, the other two are Langton.

River boats General Price, Cairo, and Lexington. Cairo is Langton, the other two are Houston's.

Side-by-side comparison: Choctaw from Houston's, Lafayette from NavWar.

The two largest ACW models I have: Dunderberg and Colorado.

Confederate ironclads Atlanta, Wilmington, Nashville, and Louisiana. All four are from Houston's.

Confederate casemate ironclads Richmond and Palmetto State, both models from Langton.

Confederate casemate ironclads Albermarle, Virginia, and Tennessee. All three are from Langton.

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