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Miscellaneous Pre-Dreadnought Ship Miniatures

These ship models are all from Houston's Ships, marked variously as 1:1000 or 1:1200 scale.

I love these guys. Novgorod and Popov, the two Russian round battleships, or floating coast/harbour defense batteries, however you want to classify them. I haven't tried these fellas out in a game yet, I just get a kick out of the idea.
When I was assembling these models, I dug up a bunch of illustrations and photos of other models of these two ships, in books and on the web. None of the sources I found agree on what exactly these ships looked like.

The German Siegfried, Japanese Tsukushi, and Victorian Navy Cerberus.

Four British battlewagons: Colossus, Collingwood, Benbow, and Lord Nelson. The HMS Lord Nelson is the largest ship model I have in this scale.

A selection of British and US destroyers. The scale of these models varies from ship to ship, and this photograph illustrates this well. In real life, the Havock was about 25 feet longer than the Bainbridge, but the Bainbridge model is significantly larger than the Havock. I measure the Bainbridge miniature to be 1:941 scale, the Ericcson is 1:884, and the Havock measures out to 1:1389 scale. As I wrote elsewhere, my solution to this quandary is to not worry about it.

Some French and Spanish destroyers. Furor and Pluton were at the Battle of Santiago in 1898.

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