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Spanish-American War 1898 Ship Miniatures

These ship models are all from Houston's Ships, marked as 1:1000 but the actual scale varies from ship to ship. By my calculations and measurements these average out to around 1:953 scale.

The Spanish battleship Pelayo, cruisers Reina Cristina and Castilla, and destroyer Terror. The Reina Cristina and Castilla were at the Battle of Manila Bay. The Pelayo stayed in home waters and did not participate in combat during the Spanish-American War, however it makes an interesting "what if" hypothetical scenario if you slip the Pelayo into Santiago or Manila Bay.

The four Spanish cruisers at Santiago: Almirante Oquendo, Infanta Maria Teresa, Vizcaya, and Cristobol Colon. The latter did not have her main guns fitted at the time of the battle, although when I run a Santiago game I usually let her have her main guns as the scenario is one-sided enough as it is.

These three Spanish cruisers, the Don Juan de Austria, Velasco, and Don Antonio de Uloa, were all at Manila Bay.

The cruisers Isla de Cuba and Isla de Luzon and the gunboats Marques del Duero, General Lezo, and El Cano were at Manila Bay.

The four American battleships at Santiago: Iowa, Oregon, Indiana, and Texas.

The cruisers New York, Brooklyn, cutter McCulloh, patrol gunboat Concord, and armed yacht Gloucester. New York, Brooklyn, and Gloucester were at Santiago. McCulloh and Concord were at Manila Bay.

The cruisers Olympia, Baltimore, Raleigh, and New Orleans. The first three were at Manila Bay.

The cruiser Boston and patrol gunboat Petrel. Both were at Manila Bay.

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