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Yalu (Sino-Japanese War of 1894) Ship Miniatures

These ship models are all from Houston's Ships, marked as 1:1000 but the actual scale varies from ship to ship. By my calculations and measurements these average out to around 1:937 scale.

The Chinese armoured turret ships Ting Yuen and Chen Yuan, and the protected cruisers Chih Yuan and Ching Yuan.
I tried something new with these miniatures: I gave each a unique ID code (J01 through J12 for the Japanese ships, C21 through C34 for the Chinese) and labelled the bases accordingly. The players had a bit of difficulty keeping the Chen Yuan, Chih Yuan, Ching Yuan, and Chi Yuan straight, but as long as they went by the ID code and not the ship name they did okay.

The armoured cruisers King Yuan and Lai Yuan, and the torpedo gunboats Kuang P'ing and Kuang Ting.

The protected cruisers Chi Yuan, Yang Wei, and Chao Yung.

The armoured cruiser Ping Yuen, which did really well in the games despite its ungainly appearance, and the torpedo boats Fu Lung and Tso I, which also did really well in the games when they could get close enough to launch torpedoes.

The Japanese protected cruisers Matsushima, Hashidate, and Itsukushima.

The protected cruisers Yoshino, Naniwa, and Takachiho.

The armoured cruiser Chiyoda, protected cruiser Akitsushima, central battery ironclad Fuso, and armoured corvette Hiei.

The armed merchant Saikio Maru and the gunboat Akagi.
I couldn't find a model of the Saikio Maru so I found a generic steamer that was about the right size and shape, cut down the gunwales, carved up the superstructure and stack and rebuilt them until they looked about right, and added the masts, guns, and other deck details. I could only find one picture of this ship and it was a very grainy photo, which is good because it means no one is likely to know for sure if my hacked-up version is correct or not.

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