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Irvania.com Gaming Photo Gallery: Naval Games
D-CATR Naval: "Plink 'Til You Sink"
Fall In, Gettysburg PA, November 2001

These photos were taken at the only public game of D-CATR Naval I've ever run, at the Fall In Convention in Gettysburg in 2001. Unfortunately, I didn't write anybody's name down, so although these faces are all familiar, I can't pin a name to any of these guys. Sorry, dudes. If you're in these photos or you recognize any of these fellas, send me a note and I'll update the captions.

The miniatures are all Houston's Ships in 1/1000 scale. I've since rebased and repainted all these ships and posted updated photos here.

The scenario was a hypothetical high seas match-up featuring all the US and Spanish ships from the battles of Manila Bay and Santiago, with the Pelayo thrown in for good measure. Here we see the Spanish ships forming up on one end of the table.

The American ships lining up on the far side.

The main US battleline. The armoured cruisers Brooklyn and New York are in the vanguard, followed by the four battleships.

Firing has begun, and the Spanish cruisers are already taking damage. That looks like the Infanta Maria Teresa leaving the battleline.

My IBM Thinkpad. I made the mistake of buying this laptop refurbished. It only lasted a year or two after this convention.

I don't remember much about this particular game, but I think the Americans won. Both sides took heavy damage though.

Spanish destroyers peeling off for a torpedo run.

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