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Irvania.com Gaming Photo Gallery: Naval Games
The Bloomsburg Area Gaming Society (BAGS) playing Shipbase I

We playtested my naval wargame designs quite a bit from 1988 through 1994. This first batch of photos is from sometime in 1991, in a session of what was first called shipBase, later renamed Shipbase I, sometimes also known as Seabase I. It's available as a free download in the Naval Games section of Irvania.com. The miniatures are 1:3000 scale WWI ships from NavWar. Judging from the number of ships on the tabletop, it looks like we're doing the Dogger Bank scenario.

Bob Ross, who provided quite a lot of technical information for the various naval games. Bob has one of the biggest personal libraries of naval stuff I've ever seen.
That's Brett Robbins on the left, me on the right in the red checked shirt.

Bill Fisher running the computer, looking like a deer caught in a headlight.

Richard Mabie measuring for range.

"According to this, your flagship just turned into a '67 Buick."

The computer is an Amstrad XT-class 8086 portable, running at a whopping 8 megaherz with something like 512K (not megs!) of RAM. It had no hard drive and ran off of two 720K 3.5 inch floppy drives. The video was a flip-up monochrome LCD screen, so this machine was lovingly known as the "fliptop". It had a full-size keyboard, something I've missed on every portable computer I've used since then. We replaced this machine with a 286 laptop in late 1991, although last I heard Bill Barnes was still using the Amstrad for ham radio.

At least they look like they're enjoying themselves.

Me, looking all authoritative. You can tell these photos were taken during my stint in the Army Reserve.

I guess Bill just didn't photograph well back then.

I'm guessing from Steve's expression that he just got a critical hit on somebody.

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