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Irvania.com Gaming Photo Gallery: Naval Games
The Bloomsburg Area Gaming Society (BAGS) playing Shipbase III

These photos are from a Shipbase III playtest in 1993, probably the Coral Sea scenario.

Rare photo of John Garcia. By this point John was already managing a computer support department for a big hospital system, so we didn't see him much at the games anymore.

Bob Ross and Scott Strausser prepare for battle.

I had more hair then too.

Extreme close-up of the Shokaku, Zuikaku, and Kirishima. These are 1/2400 scale ships from C-in-C, Superior, and GHQ (I can't remember which is which). Yes, I do paint the li'l tiny hinamarus (red circles) on the Japanese 1/2400 scale aircraft.

Raymond Clark with obligatory box of Pop-Tarts.

Close-up of the Shoho and a couple of destroyers.
I've since replaced all my 1/2400 scale ships with 1/6000 miniatures from Hallmark/Figurehead.

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