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Irvania.com Gaming Photo Gallery: Naval Games
The staff of ArmourSoft Inc. playing Shipbase III

This last set of photos is from a playtest of the Tsushima scenario, probably in 1992. The ships are 1/3000 scale miniatures from NavWar. We used a blue-green hexgrid mat from The Armory, just because it looks nice and ocean-y, even though Shipbase III doesn't use hexes.

The Russian fleet.

The Japanese fleet.

I think this might be the Fuji.

Close-up of the Asahi. I've since sold all these ships and replaced them with 1/6000 ships from Hallmark/Figurehead.

Overhead view of the Japanese fleet.

More Russians.

Raymond measures for range.

The Russian formation starts to break up.

The computer is our infamous 286 laptop, visible just behind the monochrome monitor. We usually used an external monitor and keyboard since it was a lot easier for the players to see and the operator to key, although for conventions we usually used a color CGA monitor.

More Japanese.

After playtesting the same scenarios over and over for four years, it got kinda, well, boring.
I'd still do it all again in a heartbeat.

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