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Irvania.com Gaming Photo Gallery: Naval Games
The Friday Night Irregulars playing Shipbase III
The battle of Jutland, 1916

These photos were taken at the PicaFight II convention in northern New Jersey in February 2000. I was fortunate enough to have the Friday Night Irregulars as my gaming group from 1999 until 2003 when I moved back to Pennsylvania.

In these photos we're playing the battle of Jutland in World War I, using the Shipbase III computer-assist naval miniature rules. We're doing the 64-ship version, that is, all the battleships and battlecruisers that were at the historical battle. The ship miniatures are in 1/6000 scale from Hallmark/Figurehead.

A division of British battleships: the Warspite, Valiant, Malaya, and Barham. Note that each ship is based on a piece of rubber magnet, which makes storage very easy. Note also that each side of the base has a label with the ship's name on it. Many naval wargamers prefer not to label their miniatures, so that when encountered in a game the opposing players must identify what the ship is. I generally collect entire fleets (including every stinkin' destroyer!) and I'm really not interested in having to memorize the profiles of over 5000 ships, so I prefer to clearly label everything. I lose a little bit of "fog of war" in doing so, but the convenience and peace of mind more than make up for it. I do have dozens of dummy ships with labels like "Red 217" and "Blue 3441" to use in games when it's really important that players don't know what the opposing forces are.

The British players, John Casazza on the left and Vinnie Lucchese on the right, moving their formations.

The German players, Paul Schilling on the left and Terry Manton on the right, beginning to come to the conclusion that things are looking grim. "Oh my, oh my."

The main German battleline starting a turn.

Paul, Terry's hand, John, and Vinnie. The 486 laptop in the back is running Shipbase III. This 1993-vintage laptop finally gave up the ghost in 2006, believe it or not. Note the poster for Red Chicken Rising on the wall in the background, next to Paul's head.

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