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Shove Off, Gridley!

Photos from the first playtest game

August 2, 2008: the Pennsylvania Wargamers Militia (PaWM)

Since I didn't know how many people would show up for the first playtest (held August 2, 2008 in Scranton PA), I came prepared to run it as a historical scenario (the Spanish and Americans at Manila Bay) or as a "death match". The players voted for the latter.

My thanks to the guys at PaWM (Pennsylvania Wargamers Militia) for their patience, excellent feedback, and willingness to put up with yet another of my odd game designs.

Eight gamers showed up for the playtest. They voted to have two teams face off, rather than every-man-for-himself cut-throat free-for-all. Here's the, er, Guys On My Left Team setting up.

Jon-Paul moves one of the American cruisers.

The Guys On My Right Team head for the straits.

Within the first few minutes of the game starting, we knew this area here would be interesting.

Close-up of the Pelayo. Note the turn gauge in the background. Yep, it's the same turn gauge I use for Red Chicken Rising.

I need to break down and get a better camera. This one is now, er, seven years old, which is pretty ancient as far as digital cameras go. It's one of those old clunky ones that save the photos on a 3.5 inch floppy diskette.

This was one of my major design goals for SOG: everything the player needed to know, including the ship record, on one side of one sheet of paper.

The Olympia, Brooklyn, and Frauenlob come to terms in the straits. Strangely, all three ships survived this encounter with moderate damage, mostly because the Frauenlob missed its roll to ram the Brooklyn.

Sailing off into the sunset. Note, in the center, the round Russian coastal battleship, commanded by the illustrious John the OFM.

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