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Gaming Photo Gallery: Science Fiction Games
The Friday Night Irregulars playing Death Before Distemper

These photos are from the Friday Night Irregulars game of Death Before Distemper in September 2002. DBD was an experimental campaign-level game set in the Generic Legions universe.

Pre-game close-up of a D'Orque APC (Armoured Personnel Carrier). John Casazza scratchbuilt these from a bunch of keycaps he had from an old computer keyboard. I think he used some sort of ridged, rubbery material for the tracks. Note the tiny hand-painted vision slits.

Bad Day APC. These are resin miniatures from Fortress Figures.

One of the two Bad Day medium tank types. The base isn't labelled yet in this photo. Another Fortress Figure model.
I have to admit I love these resin Fortress Figure vehicles. They're cheap, sturdy enough to survive rough handling, and look great when painted.

One of the two Bad Day light tank types, this one another resin model from Fortress Figures.

The other Bad Day medium tank type. I bought a bunch of these miniatures in England in 1982, intending to use them for Ogre, and repainted them for Generic Legions around 1998-2000. I think these miniatures were for a series called Laserburn. I'm not sure who the actual manufacturer was.
Note that the tank is airbrushed but not finished, and the base hasn't been painted yet.

The other Bad Day light tank type, another Laserburn miniature.

Bad Day missile-launching tank, another resin beauty from Fortress Figures.

Bad Day APC's and infantry at the start of the game.

More Bad Day APC's and infantry.

Still more Bad Day APC's and infantry. And some dice.

D'Orque infantry, APC's, and medium tanks. The medium tanks are some sort of plastic miniatures from Games Workshop.

Medium tanks meet near the Bad Day right flank.

Stephen York's APC's on the left flank hold back a Bad Day flanking attack.

Oh, the dweaselity of it all.

These photos don't come close to doing it justice, but the airbrushed ground cloth was one of Terry Manton's experimental terrain designs. Terry, a graphics artist by day, did some amazing work in game terrain, miniatures, rules, and accessories.

The Bad Days attempt a sweeping movement.

The D'Orque center starts to collapse.

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