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Gaming Photo Gallery: Science Fiction Games
The Bloomsburg Area Gaming Society (BAGS) playing Generic Legions

These photos were the only ones I could find of a GL playtest. These were taken sometime late in 1991.I don't think we had come up with the name Generic Legions yet and were still calling it SciFi Tactical Wargame or something like that.

Setting up. From left to right: Pat Mabie, Angie Capozello, Bill Barnes. Not a lot of fancy terrain for this game.

Angie Capozello and Brett Robbins.
The green miniatures to the left of the picture would be They Who Are Having A Bad Day, while the blue units opposing them are Dirty Rotten Stinking Earthies. Angie looks determined not to let the Earthies prevail, while Brett casts the dice in search of his future.

Pat Mabie looks on.

Bill Fisher, commanding the Earthies.

"I am not having a bad day!!!"

Bill Barnes is attacked by a viscious man-eating koosh, taking 137 points of damage.

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