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Gaming Photo Gallery: Science Fiction Games
Generic Legions at Crusades
Darien, Connecticut, January 1994

This was, I believe, the first public appearance of Generic Legions. I had run its predecessor, which had the brilliant working title of The Science Fiction Game, at the Brushfire '93 convention in Williamsport PA a few months earlier, but the game system had been completely rewritten in the meantime.

This is the Computer-Assist Version of Generic Legions, since replaced by the (non-computerized) Big Battle Version. This is the "Heartburn on Zoobner Ceti" scenario listed in the Go Tell the Dweasels pack.

The Irvanian 'Sters are entering on one corner of the board. Miniatures and buildings by Games Workshop and Ral Partha. That's me scratching my beard.

The Generics are entering on their board edge. The miniatures are Superior MAATACs, cheezy terrain by me. Hey, I had to travel light, gimme a break.

The 'Ster back banners are a little more visible in this picture.

Hmmmm. Miniatures painted dark blue, sitting on a dark blue cloth. Don't show up too well, do they?

The Computer-Assist Version plays pretty quickly, but personally I think the Big Battle Version is more fun to play. The computer is probably a 286 laptop, with an external CGA monitor. That's Crusades organizer Lou Cerreta sitting to the right of the computer.

The 'Sters own that city. Note the piles of Shipbase III and Slargeball in the back on the ArmourSoft vendor stand.

Raymond manning the ArmourSoft vendor stand. I don't think we sold anything that day. It was a small convention.

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