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Gaming Photo Gallery: Science Fiction Games
Generic Legions at Historicon '94
Lancaster Pennsylvania, July 1994

This was a slightly modified version of the Heartburn on Zoobner Ceti scenario.

The beginning of the game: the Irvanian 'Sters enter in The City. Note the blue chicken flag back banners. Miniatures and buildings by Games Workshop.

The Generics enter the far edge. The brown terrain cloth is by Chessex, the cheezy hills are by me. Miniatures are from Superior, Laserburn, Martian Metals, FASA, and Ral Partha. The green blob on the hill in the lower right corner is the command bunker.

Dweasels and Earthies and 'Sters, oh my!

The Generics have made it inland a bit and are wondering why they're still alive. DRS Earthies and Dweasels are waiting on the wings. That's ArmourSoft co-founder Raymond Clark standing on the left, in the blue ArmourSoft t-shirt.

Team Generic confers with a referee over their orders.

The Dweasels have entered behind the Irvanians. Who will they side with?

The Irvanian commander ponders the situation.

Mid-game. Fred the Captured 'Ster (large red prone thing, center right) has taken a necktie critical hit and has fallen down. For some reason, this happens an awful lot to Fred in these convention games, no matter what he's up against or which version of the rules we're playing.

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