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Gaming Photo Gallery: Science Fiction Games
Generic Legions at PicaFight II
Dover New Jersey, November 1998

This is a slightly modified version of the Bugs on the Windshield scenario. The Squishies and the Dirty Rotten Stinking Earthies each start out with 3500 point armies.

'Sters on parade. Prior to the start of the game, each side's 'Sters line up and take a bow for the audience. Buildings by Skywave and TCS, hills by Ricardo Gonzales, the rest of the terrain by D. Ferris.

The Squishie 'Sters: a Daddy Long'Ster on the left in the purple and yellow necktie, Preying Man'Ster on the right wearing the blue and grey tie. Miniatures by Games Workshop, paint and neckties by D. Ferris.

The DRS Earthie lineup. From the left: Warehouse Relic #1 wearing the orange tie with yellow polka dots; Relic #2 wearing the blue/grey/red power tie; Fred the Captured 'Ster with his timeless green and yellow tie; and Warehouse Relic #3 wearing a new pink and green number. Miniatures by TCI, Games Workshop, and Arii.

Team Squishie awaits the Earthie onslaught. That's Allan Rothberg on the left, Bob Johnson on the right.

Team Earthie setting up. That's Tom McKimm on the left; unfortunately, I didn't get the name of the gentleman on the right.

The Squishies advance. The black containers in the lower left corner of the picture are metal storage trays; I mount all my wargame miniatures on magnets, for ease of storage and transportation.

Allan Rothberg taunts the camera while Bob Johnson checks his orders. The table in the back is an American Civil War game with 15mm miniatures, hosted by some fellow HOGS. From left to right are: Richard Berg (seated, in yellow shirt; designer of SPI's Terrible Swift Sword and many other board wargames), Larry "Replacement Larry" Duckles, John Holly (refereeing the game), and Kyle Wright.

Things are starting to go badly for the Dirty Rotten Stinking Earthies. A 'Ster (center of the board) has taken a necktie critical hit and has exploded in a most spectacular fashion.

Close-up of the same picture. The head of the recently deceased 'Ster is engulfed in a huge ball of cotton, which makes an interesting effect. Note the miniatures used for the DRS Earthie vehicles: the MAATAC Terran series, manufactured by Superior and recently re-released by Monday Knight Productions.

Fred the Captured 'Ster, fashionable as ever in his green necktie and bow-legged stance, overlooks the battlefield. Notice that he hasn't fallen down yet. This picture must have been taken early in the game.

Close-up of the same shot, with another view of the Superior MAATAC miniatures. I've been a big fan of these miniatures since they were first released in the early 1980's, evidenced by the fact that much of the Generic Legions game system is based around the MAATAC series of models.

The Earthie assault continues relentlessly, despite the loss of Warehouse Relic #2.

The Squishies start to feel the heat. A Guano From Above atmo ship has taken a hit in the tailpipe and is going down right over the front lines. The units near the center of the photo are Escarg-O-Death self-propelled artillery vehicles.

Both Squishie 'Sters take critical hits within minutes of each other. Don'tcha hate it when that happens?

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