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Gaming Photo Gallery: Science Fiction Games
Generic Legions at the Luxurious Fernsdome
Budd Lake, New Jersey, August 1999

In August 1999, the members of the Friday Night Irregulars brought their wives and kids and met for a picnic in my back yard, featuring lots of food and games. The main event was a game of Generic Legions. This is the Bugs on the Windshield scenario from Go Tell the Dweasels.

The Squishie right flank, anchored by a Daddy Long 'Ster (miniature by Games Workshop), a Righteous Hive Mentality medium tank, and a Thundering Dung Heap (both by Superior Models).

College kids are looking younger and younger every year.

Phil Buonomo on the left, Vincent Lucchese on the right.
Note the strange behaviour of the people sitting at the table in the background: they're not playing a wargame. Inconceivable.

A Towanga Beast crawls up a low hill, followed by a formation of Squishie light tanks and self-propelled artillery. Note the huge pile of cotton balls in the corner, soon to be used to mark destroyed units. By the end of a typical game of Generic Legions, the table is covered with burning wreckage.

Local tradition has it that every Generic Legions game must have, somewhere on the table, a bridge in the middle of nowhere that doesn't go over anything.

Ricardo Gonzales made some of the hills, I believe I did the rest of the terrain.

Close-up of a Dirty Rotten Stinking Earthie 'Ster, specifically the Warehouse Relic #1. The 'Ster is a plastic model from FASA. The heavy tanks in the back are by Superior, the infantry stands and self-propelled artillery are by Games Workshop.

An armoured formation of Bad Days (the brownish tanks along the road to the left) shows up late near the Obligatory Zulu Village. None too successfully, judging from the amount of cotton already starting to pile everywhere.

No one takes me seriously. Why is that?

I think this kid is the CEO of a new Internet start-up.

I'd wonder what the neighbours thought of all this, but most of the neighbourhood was there enjoying the barbecue.

Out of all this lot, I think there were only five or six units left alive total at the end of this game. Typical.

Paul Schilling standing on the left, Terry Manton seated in the center with the blue and white striped shirt, Dick Wilkens seated in the back wearing the blue and white hat.

At work, when people ask what I do in my free time, I just tell them I read a lot.

Vinnie engages in a little impromptu population control.

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