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Gaming Photo Gallery: Science Fiction Games
The Hopatcong Organized Gaming Society (HOGS) playing Red Chicken Rising
First playtest: February 6, 2000

This is the original Generic Legions T-shirt, masterfully crafted by our own Larry Duckles. Larry used one of my old sketchings of the Irvanian two-headed chicken to draw this image, and this was used as the basis for the Red Chicken Rising emblem.
"Semper Pollus" is very bad Latin for "Always Chicken" (or, as one source reported, "Always Soils Himself", which is perhaps more appropriate). On the back of the shirt is says "In Space, No One Can Hear You Moo".

The First Playtest Sessions

Pete Frechtling begins the festivities with the Ritual Throwing Down of the Eyeglasses.

A pair of Bad Day heavy cruisers, named "Pain" and "Hurt". The miniatures are old ships from Grenadier from the late 1970's. At first I painted tiny white spots on the bases to blend in with the starmat background. This was one of those ideas that sounded good in theory, but in practice it made all our eyes hurt. Right after this game I repainted the bases all black.

More Bad Days: "Vile Squadron" (a formation of fighters) and the light cruisers "Hatred" and "Suffering". The miniatures are from Grenadier and TSR.

The Bad Days encounter a small formation of Irvanian cruisers. The large ship is the battlecruiser "Dreadquitealotreally", and is a miniature from Games Workshop. The fighters are from Grenadier, the Irvanian ships are all from NavWar. The starmat background "blankets" are from Geo-Hex and are very, very cool.

As evidenced here and in other places in the Irvania.com photo galleries, my 2001-vintage digital camera has a tendency to shoot low and therefore chop off the top of interesting images. At least this shot gives a good side view of the stands.
The spaceship stands are made mostly from stuff from the friendly local hobby shop. The base blocks are balsa wood. The uprights are made from thin brass rod, the supports are made from plastic tubing. The bottom of the stand is a layer of rubber magnetic sheeting, available from sign shops. The labels are printed on a regular laser printer, white letters on a black background, cut out and glued to the base. Total cost to make one of these stands is probably around $0.10 US.

A mighty formation of Irvanian ships: the "Inflatable", "Indefensible", "Royal Sausage", "Bob", and "Placable". The miniatures are all from NavWar.

Close-up of "Inflatable" and "Defatigable". The white lines and yellow arrows on the bases are handy, but not required, for playing Red Chicken Rising. The yellow arrow indicates the front of the ship (an important piece of information for some of the weirder spaceship miniatures). The yellow arrow and white lines indicate the halfway point of each edge of the base, which is used in turning and in determining arcs of fire for the weapons.

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