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Gaming Photo Gallery: Science Fiction Games
Red Chicken Rising at PicaFight II
Dover, New Jersey, 26 February 2000

These photos are from the first public game of Red Chicken Rising, taken at the PicaFight II convention in northern New Jersey in early 2000.

A task force of Generics. Miniatures by Reviresco. These ships never photographed well, and I hadn't figured out why yet. I don't know if it's because they're painted light grey, or the shape of the ships, or the background, or what. A number of the other fleets don't photograph well either. As of late 2008 I still haven't gotten around to repainting this fleet.

The HAPpie fleet, heavy cruisers and light cruisers. Miniatures by TSR and Grenadier. These photos don't do them justice, but this fleet sports a great purple and yellow paint scheme by Martin Connell.

The Irvanian fleet again, no longer with star-spotty bases. The cruisers "Inflatable" and "Defatigable", and the frigates "Irresolute", "Domitable", and "Bob".

Young Mr. Schilling's fleet of Undead begins the destruction of Allan Rothberg's Irvanians. The Undead battlecruisers "Satellite of Lament", "Apres Vie", and "Elvis" are visible. Miniatures by GZG, TSR, and NavWar.

While the HAPpie fleet begins to peel off to the left, the Alfs have snuck a light cruiser up to Joe's Diner (the big white blob on the right of the photo) and are attempting to order some baclava.

Starting from the lower right corner of the photo and proceeding clockwise, we have the Bad Day fleet, the Dirty Rotten Stinking Earthies, the Alfs, the D'Orques, and Joe's Diner with an Alf light cruiser parked to the right. The Bad Day ships are a mix of Grenadier, Games Workshop, and TSR miniatures. The DRS Earthies are all by Valiant. The Alfs are all from Zocchi. The D'Orques are from Superior Models. Joe's Diner is a modified space station from FASA.

During the very first dice roll of this particular game, the D'Orque player turned on his erstwhile ally the Alfs (played by his younger brother), fired a salvo at the largest Alf battlecruiser, got a lucky critical hit on the magazine, and blew it to smithereens. Then their dad came over and told them to knock it off.

"Irvanians to the left of me, Generics to the right, here I am, stuck at Joe's Diner again."

Yeah, I get that a lot.

They always start the game in such nice neat formations.

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