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Irvania.com Gaming Photo Gallery: Slargeball
Slargeball at Historicon '94
Lancaster, PA, July 1994

We ran a number of Slargeball games at conventions in the 1990-1994 timeframe. These photos, taken at Historicon 1994, are the only shots I can find of those convention games. This as at Historicon in July 1994. I didn't write down any of the player names, and I've lost my notes on this event, so most of these photos are presented here sans caption.

Oh, yeah. In case you haven't heard of Slargeball yet, the rules are online here along with a bunch more photos of the miniatures in action.

Notice the interesting expressions on the faces of the on-lookers and passers-by. We got that a lot at our games.

The game opens. Everything starts out so nice and neat.

View from the front lines.

The version of Slargeball we're playing here is earlier than the version posted online. There were a lot more figures on the field at any given time in this older version, so it took longer to play and it took longer to score a point. I still use the same figures and field, though.

That's Raymond Clark in the blue ArmourSoft t-shirt, directing traffic.

That's me in the upper left-hand corner, pointing dictatorially.

That's me again in the brown shirt on the right, doing what I do best: drinking coffee and pretending to know what I'm talking about.

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