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Wargrid Terrain for 6mm Gaming from Bob's Bits
Okay, we've got all the paper terrain kits assembled and laid out on the tabletop. The true test of their value is how well they do in a game setting.
Page 2: The Game

These photos record the very first time I laid out the Wargrid terrain components on a wargame tabletop. The green surface covering the tabletop is Geo-Hex. All the buildings, walls, roads, waterways, railroads, and fields are from Wargrid.

For this game, we will be pitting the railroad yard against the town to the left. You can make your own decision as to which is on the wrong side of the tracks.

Unfortunately, these photos do not do the roads and rivers justice. I really like the roads. In my opinion, they look almost as nice as the best of the vinyl wargaming roads, and better than most. I'm not as crazy about the rivers and streams, but for the price they're pretty good. I'd say the Wargrid rivers are not as good looking as the vinyl wargaming rivers, but better than some of the "paint them yourself" resin rivers I've seen, depending on the skill and talent of the painter.
This photo illustrates two of the minor problems that all wargaming roads and rivers seem to have, regardless of what they're made of or who manufactured them. First, the joints between pieces often stick up a bit or show a noticable gap, rather than having a continuous smooth appearance down the length of the road or river. Second, once you get to the edge of the table, chances are pretty good the edge of the road/river/railway is not going to match perfectly with the edge of your terrain. You can cut the road/river to match the edge of your terrain, or you can just leave it and have bits of roads hanging off the edge of your table or ending abruptly in the middle of nowhere. I'm always reluctant to cut or modify the expensive vinyl roads and rivers, but the notion of snipping the paper to fit doesn't bother me at all.
My solution to both of these problems is simply to not worry about it.

To be fair, the joins between road sections are pretty smooth in these photos. If you tape them together on the undersides (preferably using masking tape or some other non-permanent and easily-peeled-off tape) and flex the end bits so they lay flat, they look pretty good.

So far, there doesn't seem to be much action in this game. Hardly any movement at all. The small yellow blob just about to enter the intersection is an H&R 6mm Kubelwagen, to give an idea of scale.

I think these photos make it pretty clear to everyone that I'm neither an urban planner nor an experienced model train layout person. Perhaps that's best for us all.

The Wargrid buildings have a lot of clever little details printed on. Some of the town buildings have awnings and signs, some windows are shown open or shuttered, you can even see flowers in some of the gardens. The buildings are also sort of "weathered". Overall I think they look pretty realistic, although rather "brighter" than most of my other wargaming buildings.
The blue car is from TCS. I'm not sure what the scale is supposed to be, but it seems to fit really well with these buildings. These generic cars are a great deal, they come ten to a bag marked "Cars for Wars and Games" for about $3 US.

Well, there's just nothing happening in this game. There's been no combat, no movement. The buildings are just sitting there.

I really expected to see some aggressive maneuvering here on the town's part, led by the church in the background. I'm really disappointed at how slow this game is moving.

Wait, I think I see the church making a move for one of the river crossings... no, never mind. Nothing.

I've never seen a game move this slowly. I'm thinking this might not be the right kind of game to test the terrain's usefulness. There's no movement, no combat, no action. The terrain is just sitting there. Perhaps we should try a game featuring some other combatants... say, a Soviet WWII tank regiment.

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