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Wargrid Terrain for 6mm Gaming from Bob's Bits
Pitting the buildings against each other in a game proved to be pointless. This time, we're going to try something different by throwing in a Soviet 1945 tank regiment.
Page 3: The Game, Attempt II

This time we will definitely see some action. ISU-152's, motorized infantry, and SU-122's approach the town from the southeast road while a company of IS-2 Stalins and escorting infantry storm the rail station.

This shot gives you a good view of the roads and bridges. The artillery and infantry in the photos on this page are all from Heroics & Ros. The vehicles are mostly H&R, with some Skytrex, GHQ, and C-in-C mixed in.

The Soviets are starting out with 203mm howitzers, 152mm guns, and Katyusha rocket launchers emplaced behind the stream. The buildings, on the other hand, have no artillery at all. The buildings are going to have a tough time in this battle.

The road bridges were the only Wargrid components that I was disappointed with. I never quite figured out how to get the join between the horizontal surface of the road and the vertical surface of the bridge wall, so there's an ugly white gap there. On the other hand, I thought the Wargrid railroad bridges are excellent and went together very cleanly.

It's at this point that these two platoons of T-34/85's realise that they forgot to bring any bridging equipment.

Soviet heavy tanks and assault infantry start hitting the rail station. I thought the Wargrid railroad station set was pretty good. The ramps look complex before you start assembling them, but actually went together pretty well. Aside from the small sheds, the buildings in the railroad set have "ruined" counterparts (as we're beginning to see in this photo), but their base pieces are only the size of the building, they don't have "yard/garden" areas like the houses and church buildings. Due to their odd shapes I could not get some of the railroad buildings to slip over their associated "ruin" pieces so I keep the ruins off to the side until needed.

The assault guns and infantry enter the town. We're using the Panzer III rules for this game.

This photo shows off the railroad tracks and rail bridge a bit better than most of the other photos.

The only problem with this new digital camera of mine (a Sony FD73) is that it shows the lousy paint job I did on some of these miniatures.

Still no bridging equipment. Somebody's going to have to report this to the commissar.

The Soviet heavy tanks have razed the rail station and the infantry pauses to raid the snack machines at the ticket office.

A platoon of SU-122's has successfully flanked the town. The buildings should never have let this happen.

This close-up shows some of the interior of the ruined buildings. Note the scattered boards printed on the "floor" of the base. If you look closely at the ruins they have some small "logic problems". For instance, if a window shutter is torn in half you'd think it would no longer hang straight. My suggested solution for that sort of thing, as before, is to simply not worry about it.

This is all looking very, very bad for the buildings. The Soviet tank and infantry formations are just sweeping through the town. Here the church stands alone against a guy with a flamethrower, a couple of assault guns, and some arsonistic-looking infantry.

"They got the blue car, man!"

There's a lesson to be learned here. I have no idea what that lesson is, but I suppose it could be pretty important.

Well then. This game has been a complete disaster for the buildings, and a total victory for the Soviets. We need to try a game that's more balanced, something that gives the buildings an equal fighting chance. We need a game like Generic Legions.

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