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Wargrid Terrain for 6mm Gaming from Bob's Bits
So the buildings did not fare well when pitted against a Soviet WWII tank regiment. We decided that this was not a fair test of the usefulness of the Wargrid paper terrain sets. This time, we'll play a different game, one that gives the buildings a fighting chance: Generic Legions. How will the buildings do against the army of They Who Are Having A Bad Day?
Page 4: Township of Doom

For this exercise we'll be using the experimental new Dreadmuch rules, part of the Generic Legions 2.0 project. Here we see a company of Bad Day "Mayorial Candidate" light tanks followed by a company of Grösste Umweltgestört infantry in their "Yellow Cab" personnel carriers, approaching the town from the north.

Two platoons of Bad Day "Dominator" very heavy tanks cross the fields rapidly. This looks like it will also be a very tough fight for the town. The vehicle miniatures in the photos on this page are all from the MAATAC Carnivore series by Superior, the infantry are Starforce 300 figures from Skytrex.

Here we see a company of "Warlord" medium tanks, a company of Gummibärenjäger elite commandos, and a pair of "Conquistadore" heavy tanks advance on the railway station. We should see buildings start to burn any second now.

Well. This is an unexpected turn of events.

The Bad Day light tanks and infantry carriers seem to be having a bit of trouble at the rail crossing.

"We don't need no stinkin' bridging equipment!"

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times: you should never expose your flanks to a wooden train shed.

A few survivors of the Bad Day light forces have managed to get across the river, despite some brilliant defensive work on the church's part. The church itself was the most complex assembly of the Wargrid buildings due to the four different sections, but surprisingly it all fits over the "ruins". I had some trouble getting the buttresses straight. I recommend doing only the primary buttress pieces and leaving off the secondary and tertiary bits. The hedges around the church and rectory are cork, covered with flocking. The Wargrid sets include quite a lot of these hedges, I suppose I should have used more of them in this layout.

Half the Bad Day very heavy tanks were wiped out on the edge of the river, but another Gummibärenjäger company has made it up the road. Fortunately for the Bad Days, they have reinforcements on the way.

The "Anger Management" class 'Ster is the most powerful weapon in the arsenal of They Who Are Having A Bad Day. Also the tallest.

Now we're starting to see some urban renewal! The Bad Days might pull this one off yet.

What's this?! The town has called in a surprise ally!

Some of the Wargrid town buildings even came with small sheds for the back yard. I thought that was a nice touch.

This layout shows all the buildings included in the five Wargrid sets listed on the first page of this review. However, there are actually a lot more road, railroad, and river pieces than I put on this layout.

I think we all saw this coming.

When all is said and done and those that are able to walk away, I would not want to be the guy who had to explain to his commander that he had lost half a battalion to a wooden railway shed.

Well, I think it's pretty clear who won this battle. The buildings took a beating but several of them are still standing at the end of the game. In Generic Legions, that's usually all that matters.

The verdict is in: Wargrid terrain from Bob's Bits passes the test of battle.

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