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Irvania.com Gaming Photo Gallery: Tank Games
Panzer III Second Playtest: August 2000

For the second playtest of Panzer III, we tried a hypothetical France 1940 scenario. However, we reversed the usual roles: the British are attacking using Blitzkrieg tactics and the Germans are defending using "traditional" British 1940 tactics.

You can never have too many A-10 cruiser tanks in a game.

Laser pointers are indispensable in determining line-of-sight in tactical WWII wargames. Here Pete is determining if his A-9 has a clear shot at Larry's SdKfz 222 on top of the hill. In this photo you can just make out the red dot "painting" the armoured car.

Two 37mm anti-tank guns and an infantry squad hunker down behind a rock wall.

Some of the British artillery lined up prior to the beginning of the scenario.

I had to use Russian infantry stands because I didn't have any British infantry painted yet. Oh, the shame of it all.

A few "staged" photos prior to the start of the game: Lorried infantry follows a trio of cruiser tanks into the village, while some Vickers Light Tanks enter from the south. The Vickers Light Tanks and the Panzer I's are from GHQ, I believe the rest of the miniatures in this scenario are from Heroics & Ros.

The "surface area" (all the flat stuff and the hills) are by Geo-Hex. The roads are from Scenic Effects (I think). The buildings are from various manufacturers, mostly TCS. Most of these buildings were painted by John Holly. John also made all the rock walls and hedges. The trees are that chenille stuff from knitting shops.

The fact that these photos turn out at all amazes me, considering that my digital camera is one of the early ones.

An anti-tank gun and its prime mover hide in a convenient courtyard.

German tanks and infantry back up a 75mm light infantry gun.

Now it's starting to get messy.

A-9's, A-10's, A-13's, Vickers Light Tanks Mark VI, Matilda I A-11's and Matilda II A-12's as far as the eye can see. Oh, what a glorious sight.

Pete Frechtling hamming it up for the camera. Note the display cabinet on the wall above Pete's left shoulder: that's the infamous Princess Leia Brigade on the top shelf. Also note one of Terry Manton's original illustrations sitting on top of the display cabinet.

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