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The Book of Tanks

A Wargamer's Portable Guide to Tanks, Self-Propelled Guns, Armoured Cars, and Personnel Carriers from World War I through the 1990's

The Book of Tanks was intended to be a downloadable encyclopedia covering the world's tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles, designed specifically for wargamers and other hobbyists. The data is presented in "real world" format rather than being expressed in terms specific to a particular game system. Original photos accompany the text. The main idea was to have a fairly concise guide that covered all the tanks and other armoured vehicles likely to be used in wargames, in a format that gamers could print out and carry to their games, which you can't really do conveniently with a traditional web site.

While this was one of my favorite projects, I haven't touched it since 2003. My creative mojo has been directed at other projects. To be honest, the reasons I had back then for wanting to write The Book of Tanks, and to have it handy to use as a reference for my own nefarious purposes, have long since drifted away in the mists of time. (Stupid mists of time! Always ruining my stuff.) On the off chance I do get any more chapters done, or update existing chapters, they will be made available for download here as they are completed.

Download the files for The Book of Tanks:

Sections I never got around to:

  • Argentina-Australia-Austria-Brazil-Canada-Chile-China-Czechoslovakia-Egypt
  • Germany
  • Great Britain
  • Hungary-India-Iran-Iraq-Israel
  • The Netherlands-New Zealand-Norway-Poland-South Africa
  • Soviet Union/Russia Part II (1945 to the present)
  • Spain-Sweden-Switzerland
  • United States
  • Yugoslavia-Vietnam

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