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The Irvania Collection


The first two items listed below are the original Irvania documents. The early versions of the Generic Legions games were based somewhat loosely on information from these two documents. Very little material from either of these has made it into the novels, so they are presented here for purely historical reasons.

  • The Encyclopedia Irvania: Second Edition Abridged. This expurgated edition is the first electronically-available version of the 1977 document (with material compiled from around 1972 on). Includes nearly all of the military material from the 1977 EI Second Edition (the stuff that applies, at least indirectly, to the early Generic Legions games) and most of the original illustrations. A 700K .pdf file.
  • The Official Irvanian Technical Manual and Military Yearbook: 1978 Edition. Complete with all the original illustrations. A 1908K .pdf file.
  • The Pu-19 Flying Hamster: My attempt at writing parody scale model kit review articles. This was possibly my first published piece, such as it was. Published in the Spring 1983 issue of Trash News.

The Irvania Comic Strip
Sometime in 1985 or 1986 Mike Reibsome and I came up with the brilliant idea of creating a comic strip based on the Irvania material I had assembled up to that point. I threw together 20 or 30 scripts and Mike started drawing a few strips. As far as I know this is the only one we ever finished.

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