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Irvania.com Error Messages

There are certain hidden advantages to owning your own web site and domain. For example, if you know how and want to spend the time, you can create your own error messages for the web server. This can be a lot of fun if you think about it.

A few of you readers out there have already stumbled on one or two of the Irvania.com homebrew error messages by accident, and then taken the time to dig up some or all the rest. As a public service to the entire readership, I figured the messages have been out there long enough now to make them easily viewable by everybody.

Following my long-standing tradition of digging up old stuff I wrote a while ago and posting it on the web site under the pretense of creating new content, here are the official Irvania.com error messages:

Irvania.com webmaster: Dave Ferris
Last updated: June 11, 2016