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Scary Monsters: Bailey's Page

Bailey was a big goofball. A sweet-tempered, affectionate pup, he was a "chocolate" long-hair miniature dachshund. He wasn't the brightest dog, but he loved everybody. Except the cats.

Bailey was a rescue dog. His original humans were a family that had a new baby who was apparently allergic to dogs, so Bailey and his sister Brandle had to find a new home.

Bailey and Brandle came to live with me in November 2002. Bailey was a year or two (or maybe three) old at the time, and Brandle was a year or two older than that. They weren't biologically brother and sister but they grew up together and were very close. That's Brandle on the right.


Here are Bailey and Brandle in February 2004, telling me they think it's time for their supper.

In mid-May 2006, a week or so after this picture was taken, Bailey had an accident. While I was at work he had eaten part of a kitchen floor mat. As soon as I got home from work I could tell he wasn't feeling well, so I rushed him to the emergency vet hospital. I left him there overnight, hoping to pick him up the next day. The vet hospital called the next morning to tell me Bailey didn't make it through the night. This was about a week before Hanna and I got married. We were all devastated at losing Bailey, but Brandle was especially heartbroken. She wandered around the house for days, trying to find her missing little brother.

Bailey thinks he's treed a chipmunk in this photo from May 2006. The chipmunk probably left half an hour earlier, but Bailey is pretty sure he's got the chipmunk cornered.

In this photo Bailey and Brandle are playing in the dog pen in our yard in May 2006. The door of the pen is wired open so the dogs love to play in there, sniffing for chipmunks and poking among the woodpiles.

This is the last photo we have of Bailey. He really was a beautiful dog. We still miss him.

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