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Scary Monsters: Brandle's Page

Brandle was a long-hair miniature dachshund born, I think, in 2000 or perhaps a year or two earlier. She was the smallest of my old herd of four dachshunds (including Polly, Pookie, and Bailey) I had when I moved back to Pennsylvania in 2003, but slightly larger than our two new dachshund puppies, Maus and Puma, who are probably as big as they're going to get.
Brandle's original name was Brandy. I don't remember why she was renamed Brandle, but the new name stuck. She'd also been dubbed Punkinhead because, well, she's a punkinhead. This photo was taken shortly after she came to live with me in November 2002.

Brandle and Bailey were rescue dogs. A young family in New Jersey had a new baby who was allergic to the two dogs, so the owners were looking for a new home for the two pups. I ran across the ad on one of the dachshund rescue web sites.

Brandle in December 2002, after watching that "Aliens" movie.

Brandle with her little brother Bailey. Bailey was bigger than Brandle was, almost twice her size and weight, but she was at least a year or two old when he was born. Watching them play was always amusing. Brandle would wrestle Bailey to the ground, even though he was much larger. He would roll over on his back and let her jump all over him. The two loved each other and were together almost constantly. Brandle was devastated when Bailey passed away in May 2006. She moped about the house for days, looking in all the corners, wondering where her brother had gone.

Brandle has always been an adventure dog. Here she is hiking in April 2004.

And here's Brandle playing in the woods around our house in 2006. Hanna built a fence around the yard just a few feet this side of where those tree stumps are.

Brandle posing for a closeup in May 2006. There's a chainlink dogpen in our yard that we use for stacking and storing firewood. The door is tied open and the dogs like to play inside the pen, sniffing for chipmunks.

Never should have watched that "Aliens" movie with Brandle. Hanna took this photo in April 2008.

Brandle peeking over the edge of a laundry basket in January 2009. She can jump out of the baskets if she really wants to, but she prefers to bark at us until someone comes along to rescue her.

Brandle in August 2010. She, Polly and Pookie were all starting to slow down by then. Most of our photos of those three dogs from about that point on are of them sleeping or curled up in a blanket. Brandle had lyme disease and suffers from arthritis and occasional digestive issues so she seems to move stiffly sometimes.

When Polly passed away in September 2012, Brandle was very sad. The two dachshunds had been "chair buddies" for a long time. Now Brandle had the whole chair to herself, but it wasn't the same. She moped for weeks after that.

Then when Pookie passed away in early April 2013, Brandle was promoted to Senior Dog and moved to Pookie's old chair. She missed Pookie too when he was gone. She sniffed around his old napping spots for a few days, wondering where he'd gone. Brandle was Old Friends with Tansy, and she tolerated the new puppies, but she missed all her old dachshund friends she spent so many years with.

Brandle always had that "I like bread!" expression on her face. During her last year or so she seemed to be completely deaf. She'd still be spritely at times though. She would scamper down the hallway in the morning when she wanted to go sit in the sun, and she would bark and run around in excited little circles when she'd decided it's time for her supper.

Bedtime for dogs. Brandle in May 2013.

Brandle slipped away in June 2015. Here she is about a month before she left us, standing on the balcony looking out at her world. She was a sweet, good and happy dog.

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