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Scary Monsters: Maus' Page

Maus was the first puppy I'd had since I brought Polly home in the summer of 1996. (Hanna got Tansy as a puppy shortly before we started dating, but by the time we were married Tansy was no longer a puppy.) Maus is also the first wire-haired dachshund I've had. She's a miniature doxie, on the smallish side, a little under 12 pounds. Hanna took this photo the day we brought Maus home in mid-September 2012.

"Don't mess with me! I'll bite your nose! Grrrrr!"
Maus shortly after we brought her home. She would have been almost 11 weeks old. She'd already figured out she was in charge of the place.

About three weeks after we got Maus home, we brought her a present: her little sister, Puma. Hanna and I picked out both puppies at the same time at a local dachshund breeder, but Puma was a few weeks younger so we had to wait a little longer before bringing her home.
Maus was so happy we brought her a playmate. Her older siblings, Pookie, Brandle and Tansy, were then about 18, 12, and 7 years old respectively, and not as much fun to play with. Puma was happy with the arrangement too. The two of them are together almost constantly.
Of course, the cute poses sitting nicely with each other soon turn into...

... This. Accompanied with a lot of growling and snarling. But after a few minutes of intense combat, they're right back to...

... This. Puppies need their rest too, ya know.

After much discussion, Hanna and I decided to get two puppies. Our old dog Polly had just passed away, and our even older dog Pookie was on his last legs. Pook was 18 years old or more and was slowly fading away. He was almost entirely blind, could barely walk, and spent most of his time sleeping.
Maus and Puma loved Pookie. He was like a sleepy old uncle to the two puppies. He seemed to like them too. I would set the two pups in Pookie's chair, tuck them all in under a couple of blankets, and they would snuggle down and take long naps together. That's Puma on top, Maus on the left and Pookie on the right. This picture was taken in mid-January 2013, a few months before Pookie finally slipped away.

Despite her small stature, Maus is already turning out to be an adventure dog. Here she is in October 2012, tearing down a mighty oak tree.

And here's Maus and her little sister Puma in February 2013, playing in the dirt road along our property.

And here's Maus fording the raging Susquehanna river, in May 2013. That's the tip of Puma's nose on the left.

"Zoom zoom!"
Despite their tiny legs, dachshunds are remarkably fast. Here they are tearing along at top speed.

After all that adventuring Maus needs to catch up on her snoozing. Being an adventure dog is hard work.

Maus is very good at sitting up on her hind legs. I don't know where she learned that from. Hanna and I didn't teach her that.

"I know what you're up to..."

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