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Scary Monsters: Puma's Page

Puma is our second new puppy and the youngest member of our family. A red shorthair miniature dachshund, she was born in early August 2012 and came home to live with us in October 2012. This picture was taken the day we brought her home.

Here's Puma discovering her new world, shortly after coming to live with us in October 2012. That's her big sister Maus on the right.

Puma snuggling with her big sister Maus in October 2012. Of course, the cute snuggling soon turns into...

... This. And...

... This. Oh, the humanity of it all. Or doggitity. Doggity. Whatever.

"Little high, little low, will you let me go? No-ho, I will not let you go! Let me go! No no no no no! Mama mia, mama mia, mama mia let me go!"

Snuggling with our old dachshund Pookie (on the left) in October 2012. Maus and Puma loved their old Uncle Pook.

Puma and Maus exploring the wilderness in October 2012. They scared away a moose and ate three gazelles on this adventure.

Zooming through the snow in January 2013. Most of our photos of the puppies when they weren't sleeping or standing still are sorta blurry like this.

Puma running across an open pasture in May 2013. She's smaller, but her legs are actually a little longer than Maus'.

Here's Puma bravely crossing the wide Susquehanna River in May 2013.

Some wind-down time after all the adventuring.

Bedtime for dogs. Puma cleaning Brandle, May 2013. Brandle pretended not to like it, but she would sit still for a long time while Puma worked on her. That's Tansy napping in the background.

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