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Scary Monsters: Tansy's Page

Tansy, a golden retriever mix, was Hanna's puppy shortly before we started dating. This photo of Hanna and Tansy was taken in June 2005 on her father's front porch.

Here's Tansy in September 2005, looming over smaller creatures. Tansy looms a lot.

This specific photo is, for some reason, the most popular file and the most popular photograph on all of Irvania.com according to the web site traffic logs. I have no idea why, but copies of this photo show up all over the Internet. That's a rawhide chew toy she's gnawing on, although it does look like she's coyly smoking a cigar.

Tansy posing coyly on the balcony in August 2010. Tansy poses coyly a lot too.

Tansy is an adventure dog. She loves the outdoors, she loves hiking and camping and any sort of adventure. Here she is exploring the banks of a river in April 2012.

She likes to play in the water too, especially when it's hot. This picture might have been taken at World's End State Park.

How could you say no to a face like that?

Tansy usually doesn't photograph well indoors. She's a big white fuzzy blob and looks washed out in most interior photos. Outside, though, you can see what a beautiful dog she really is. Here she is hiking in May 2012 at the Endless Mountains Nature Center.

Some of the wetlands in our area. This is one of the many reasons I love living in central Pennsylvania.

More adventuring in the woods around the Endless Mountains Nature Center, near Tunkhannock Pennsylvania.

Tansy is a very happy dog, especially when she's adventuring. Here she's panting during a hike in June 2012.

I love these nature shots with the trail ahead, beckoning to us. I know, I could have cropped a lot of these photos to make this web page load faster, but the sky and trees and trail really evoke the spirit of the adventures we have with the dogs.

Tansy in January 2013. "Where are we going next?"

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