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Scary Monsters: Teddy's Page

This is Teddy, a wonderful young fellow who was only with us for a short while. We learned about him from one of the dachshund rescue web sites. In September 2013, his human passed away after a long illness and the family was searching for a new home for Teddy. He had also had a sister dachshund he'd been with for many years, but she'd also passed away from an illness. Teddy was completely blind and about 13 years old.
Despite never having seen the place or any of us, Teddy settled right in when we brought him home. He made instant friends with all the other dogs: Brandle, Tansy, Maus, and Puma.

Teddy was always laid back, which was one of the main reasons he got along so well with the other dogs. Here he is hanging in bed with Puma in October 2013.

Teddy liked all the other dogs and the other dogs all liked Teddy. He especially liked Puma, who, like Teddy, is a short-haired "red" dachshund. They napped together a lot. Here Puma and Teddy are snoozing in Teddy's favorite chair in January 2014. Puma would have been about a year and a half old at the time.

Brandle and Teddy playing together in the snow, December 2013.

Teddy and Puma zooming up the hill after Hanna, again in December 2013.

Like the other dachshunds, Teddy liked snuggling in a laundry basket filled with "dog towels", old blankets and towels that have been retired from regular use and relegated to dog-cozying duties. Often we would place Teddy and Brandle in one of these baskets and tuck them in so they'd have a nice quiet place to nap.

Other times, Teddy would be wandering around on his own, find one of these baskets on the floor, and tuck himself in. A little while later we'd wonder where Teddy had gotten off to, then find him peeking out from under a huge pile of dog blankets.

Teddy was quite the clown. Here he is doing his imitation of a sandworm. "If you walk without rhythm, you won't disturb the dachshund."

He did this interesting trick where he'd stand up on his hind legs. Quite impressive for a blind old dog.

Then he'd bat or wave his paw at you. I think he did that to ask for attention.

It's rare we're able to get a photo of all the dogs together, especially back when we had five of them. Here they all are in October 2014: Brandle at the top of the photo, then Maus, Teddy resting his chin on Puma, and Tansy at the bottom of the picture.

Another rare group shot from November 2014, this time with everybody except Brandle. She was always the hardest one to get into a group photo.

Here's another from October 2014. The dogs have always loved basking in the sunlight by the sliding balcony glass door. During the morning hours there's usually enough sunshine for them all to get some good basking in.

One morning in April 2016, the dogs were hanging around napping, much like they were in this photo. Teddy was snuggled in his basket. Suddenly, he raised his head up, made a strange sneeze-like sound, and then he slipped away. He hadn't seemed to be sick or anything, but he was around 16 years old, which is a pretty good run for a dachshund. He'd had a long and happy life, filled with friends and snuggling and hugs and naps with his buddies. I don't know how the score is kept in such things, but I'm pretty sure that Teddy won at the game of life.

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